Introducing the Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow

The only pillow specifically designed to help babies sleep better


  • Orthopedic memory foam pillows

  • Large wedge offers superior back support

  • Small wedge prevents the baby from rolling

  • Extra gentle baby-friendly fabric

  • Infinitely adjustable design

  • Great for babies aged 0-12 months

Scientific design

Helps babies sleep better

No more worrying about your baby rolling around in their sleep or having to check on them in the middle of the night to ensure that they are sleeping in the right posture. The Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow ensures that your baby sleeps at the ideal 45° angle that doesn’t just ensure a good night’s sleep, but also offers so many other benefits like:

Prevents flat head syndrome
Optimal sleep posture improves digestion
Trains your child to sleep alone
Prevents separation anxiety
Enhances the quality of sleep
Prevents late-night tantrums
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My baby has reflux and gas issues sleeping on his side really helped him sleep well. Also able to alternate sides so he sleeps on both sides evenly. Also very soft to touch and love velcro is adjustable so can make it wide if baby decides to sleep/roll on his back. Shipping was very fast!

- Shay

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Designed with growing babies in mind

The Baby Anti-Roll Wedge Pillow is designed to ensure that your growing child’s needs are met. Designed in collaboration with pediatricians, it features snag-free velcro patches to allow you to easily change the positioning of the cushions as per your baby’s comfort.

Water-resistant and easy to clean
Removable and washable pillow covers
Fits most cribs and baby mattresses
Breathable fabric remains cool
Anti-bacterial fabric cover
Recommended by doctors
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This has helped so much I no longer worry about my four-month-old rolling in his sleep as he likes to sleep on his stomach if we don’t have this. Very easy to use and keeps him safe


- Adam Eickleberry

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Claudia C
Anti Roll

This product is as described. My grandson sleeps comfortably on his side without the worry of him rolling over. I recommend it,


Good shipping. It came safe and sound. A very good and useful tool for the child. Thank you very much to the store and highly recommend it!

Steve Beal

Look like in the picture. Lovely and soft to the touch. Still not tried with baby


I could find any side sleeper props anywhere. I used to use them when my kids were babies. I found this for my grandson and he loves it. It keeps him comfortable on his side.


It's very cool. I just thought it would be wider to adapt it to baby growth.

Josh Brown

Extremly fast shipping. Product as described. Fabric has zippers and can be removed for washing. Width between pillows can be adjusted.

James Dunn

4 month old was starting to develop a flat spot on one side of her head. Have been using this for a week at night only and already see a difference. Bonus, baby sleeps more soundly as well, before sleeping with the pillow, she would move a lot in her bassinet and end up in uncomfortable positions and wake herself up in the middle of the night because of it. I think the pillow makes her more comfortable and lets her sleep better- she no longer wakes herself up from moving so much.

Jennifer J.

Perfect for my newborn! Our baby's doctor suggested that we kept turning her head left and right while she's sleeping to prevent a flat head. Did some research and got this pillow, now she sleeps and we don't have to turn her head back and forth every few hours. The pillow is small and fits her little head perfectly and fits inside her bassinet perfectly also. Recommend putting it on a baby registry.


I bought this for my two-month-old. I think everyone deserves to sleep with a pillow. If I had to sleep with no pillow I would wake up crying all through the night too! It's perfect for infants.

Kristin K

This is great! I love the price and the quality is just as good. My son just started sitting in the stroller without the carrier and he needed a little cushion to keep him a bit more snug and make him more comfortable and this is just perfect! Super soft the head part comes off for when he is older and it's easy to switch in and out of stiller if you have more than one!

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